Murals - By Frederick A. Olds, Guthrie, OK

These stunning original murals greet visitors as they enter the main gallery of the museum and represent a “brief history of Lincoln County, Oklahoma.” 

Also displayed just below these pictures is a wall exhibit of the history of the Lincoln County Land Run of 9/22/1891, and the Chandler Township Land Run of 9/28/1891as well as cases of personal items donated by early settlers and their families. 

Native American History & Artifacts

A Historical display of artifacts and photographs from the Sac and Fox Nation as well as other Native American tribes with connections to Lincoln County. 

The headdress in this photograph was donated to the Lincoln County Historical Society by Oklahoma Governor George Nye.   Also included is a history of world famous Olympic athlete Jim Thorpe, a member of the Sac and Fox Nation. 

Marshall Bill Tilghman Exhibit

Memorabilia from legendary Lincoln County U.S. Marshal William (Bill) Tilghman, a member of the famous Oklahoma “Three Guardsmen."

This collection includes the first copy of the original movie he made in partnership with Bennie Kent, “Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw.”  The story of Bill Tilghman was subsequently portrayed by actor Sam Elliot in a Hollywood production, “You Know My Name.”  The production company duplicated the original “Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw” movie poster that the museum owns and donated the copy it to the museum for display after production was completed. 

Printing & Publishing Collection

This collection contains many Lincoln County newspapers from earlier years as an early Linotype type-setting machine such as is found only in museums like the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., an antique printing press and cameras showing over a century of photographic progression.

Local Artist: Thelma Clayton

There are many outstanding works of art created by local artists in the Museum's collection such as those illustrated in the collection of Thelma Clayton's beautiful eggs and painting distributed throughout the Museum. These include oils, acrylics, pottery and other mediums that demonstrate that Lincoln County is, and has always been, home to some very talented individuals.

Cyclone of March 31, 1897

Storyboards and historical pictures tell the tale of the epic cyclone that hit Chandler on March 31, 1897, destroying almost every building in town and killing twenty-three people.

In true pioneer spirit, the people of Chandler began rebuilding their community the day after the destruction.

Lena Sawner Collection / Schoolroom Exhibit

A replica of a typical early schoolroom is housed in the second story of the museum. Lena Sawner began teaching at Douglass School 1902-3, Chandler's separate school for black children, where she had an amazing graduation rate of over 90%! The collection contains her beautiful gowns, jewelry and furs as well as photographs of her in her famous opulent attire. There are pictures of her home, her showcase yard, and her business property on Manvel Avenue. Also included are photographs of her with of students and copies of diplomas signed by Lena.

In the schoolroom, children of all ages are able to re-visit the school of their childhood, or see how the school of their parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents may have looked. Children can sit at an old-fashion desk, view pictures of Lincoln County schools, write on slate boards with chalk, see lunch pails of the past, and even read the rules imposed on early female teachers 24 hours a day.

Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel

Born in Stroud, Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel's family moved to California around 1935, where she spent seasons picking cotton. McDaniel began writing poetry as a child, writing poems on every scrap of paper she could find. Undiscovered until her 50s, Wilma soon became known as the "Okie Poet" and in 1976 she was designated Poet Laureate of Tulare, California. McDaniel left copies of almost all of her fifty books as well as her personal letters and writings to the Lincoln County Historical Society, making it the largest single collection of her work at any one location.

Bennie Kent Photography Studio Exhibit

Memorabilia and photographs tell the story of photographer, local jeweler and avid cigar smoker, Bennie Kent, and includes his Camera, famous black bowler and original movie poster and a copy of the movie, "Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw" produced by the Eagle Film Company, the company he partnered with Marshal Bill Tilghman to create.

Memorabilia and photographs tell the story of photographer, local jeweler and avid cigar smoker, Bennie Kent, and includes his Camera, famous black bowler and original movie poster and a copy of the movie, "Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw" produced by the Eagle Film Company, the company he partnered with Marshal Bill Tilghman to create.

The Lincoln County Hall of Heroes

The sacrifices and bravery of our military men and woman is honored in this large exhibit room, starting with the First National Guard Encampment in Chandler and moving through other American conflicts, visitors are able to travel through the heart-stopping challenges of war and the brutal realities of battle by sharing memorabilia donated to the museum by veterans and their families.

The Apartment

In the second floor apartment, visitors are able to view what it would have been like to actually live in a space much smaller than we do today, cook on a wood burning stove, launder clothes in a "washer" with water hauled up two floors, ironing freshly laundered clothing with an iron heated on that same wood stove. It is view of what life would have been like for a middle class family in early Chandler. The apartment contains many fine examples of furniture, dishes, oil lamps, clothing and toys.

The rooms used for the apartment are those of an actual apartment where the family that operated the first floor store lived

Medical / Dental Office

What medicine was like through the early 1900s is displayed in the medical/dental office. Visitors can see first-hand the changes that have occurred to make both occupations less horrifying today.

Quilt Room

The second story Quilt Room is one of the Museums most popular and beautiful exhibits. Unlike the machine made "patterned" quilts of today, these are mostly handmade works of art created by early Lincoln County residents, that used only their imagination and scraps of old clothing to worn to be worn, to create these lasting, useful works of art.

Roads & Highways

Both Route 66 and the Turner Turnpike are direct routes through Lincoln County history. Much information is located at the Museum regarding their importance to our history.



The Outhouse

At one time, these "modern convinces" lined the alleys of Chandler's main street. Today, this one lonely outhouse, located behind the Museum, is the only one remaining.

Smithsonian Institute: Journey Stories

The Museum was chosen as one of only eight locations in Oklahoma for the showing of Journey Stories, a traveling Smithsonian Institute exhibit. This show took over two years to plan and required extensive community cooperation and enthusiasm. The Lincoln County Historical Society is forever grateful for the way our community came together to make this show such a great success.

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall showcases local exhibits that are rotated regularly to provide a fresh historical experience for our frequent visitors.
Discovery Garden

Dedicated in April 2006, the Discovery Garden is a beautiful place for children to explore and visitors and guests to relax. The Garden is dedicated to Susan Jane Ferrell who died in the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.