The Outhouse

At one time, these "modern convinces" lined the alleys of Chandler's main street. Today, this one lonely outhouse, located behind the Museum, is the only one remaining.

Smithsonian Institute: Journey Stories

The Museum was chosen as one of only eight locations in Oklahoma for the showing of Journey Stories, a traveling Smithsonian Institute exhibit. This show took over two years to plan and required extensive community cooperation and enthusiasm. The Lincoln County Historical Society is forever grateful for the way our community came together to make this show such a great success.

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall showcases local exhibits that are rotated regularly to provide a fresh historical experience for our frequent visitors.

Discovery Garden

Dedicated in April 2006, the Discovery Garden is a beautiful place for children to explore and visitors and guests to relax. The Garden is dedicated to Susan Jane Ferrell who died in the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.

Rotating Exhibit Room

In here we change the exhibits out every couple of months to give everyone a chance to visit these special exhibits. We have had the room filled with many things from Coco Cola, Christmas Villages, Angels, Carnival & depression glass, Old tools, oil field items, advertising items. I'm sure we will have something you would be interested in so stop by.